The Love of Money – 1

This is a reprise and update of an article I wrote a dozen years ago. (ed.)

What is happening to the financial world? For the past few months, this question has been of paramount importance not only in financial circles, but  in society at large, and worldwide.

Instability, that’s the keyword. It seems that everything is fluctuating wildly to-and-fro, and nobody knows where it will all end. A simple rumor is able to send international shock waves throughout the world’s stock markets.

To discover that the world economy has clay-feet is certainly sobering. To see people frantically searching for ways to invest their money is disquieting, especially observing how this race to security is leading people into dubious, shaky and hazardous practices while financial institutions and banks have their best (and not-so-best) people  working overtime in creating these new forms of investment. It seems to me that today, making a financial investment is at par as playing roulette in a casino, and maybe the casino offers better chances. Some have said that capitalism (advertising) is the art of separating man from his money.

Certainly, mankind has tried all forms of self-government only to discover that in the end, none works.
I have recapped the principal ideologies of the last hundred years:

Communism: the art of envy
Capitalism: the art of greed
Socialism: the art of I-dont-really-care

Capitalism,  at times under the false shield of democracy, has been winning the battle for the hearts and minds of nations. Just look what has happened to the ex Soviet Union and China (CINO-Communist in name only). Any new form of self-government that man invents, is at first a revolution, a fresh start, a new era. The problems arise in due time, since men prefer to ignore or forget that the heart of man is incredibly evil (Jeremiah 17:9) and all good plans and intentions will sooner or later clash and crash with this fact. Nonetheless, the capitalistic Western world, has been “probably” the best off compared to other systems, or should I say the least evil one, apparently

I will not say anything about Communism whose demise, a unique case, was written in its own charter. It logs as one of the worst attempts at self-government mankind has been able to come-up with. I recommend to those who feel nostalgic to please move to North Korea, asap!

While Socialism may seem the least innocuous of the above mentioned three it has forged a strange attitude in its subjects, who, feeling protected by the all-embracing state, seem to lose initiative and drive, in exchange for an illusory state of security. It is a most disturbing fact that many socialist based countries, with craddle-to-grave security systems, have a high suicide rate among its population and especially among their youngsters.

Capitalism is also, by its very nature, a closed circle system. Totally incapable to restrain itself, it is always looking for its next victim. While it has offered the greatest standard of living to its subjects, we should not forget what really goes behind it: exploitation of  less fortunate people and countries. Big corporations or as they are called today global, multinational enterprises and institutions dominate the Western World and their grip on society is tremendous.

The truth is that all earthly systems have at their core the concentration of power in the hands of a few, whether state burocrats, hereditary nobility or business tycoons. From a Biblical point of view, this makes perfect sense, and it will be carried to its ultimate outcome: all power in the hand of ONE.

Please note that all that is happening, has a design and it isn’t at all casual. Which brings us to the question: which design, and who are the designers?

Conspiracy theories abound and while it is a fact that secret societies exist, (and some of them are very powerful indeed), it is my humble opinion that we must look elsewhere to understand what is happening. On the physical level, we see the money men, the power guys,  the movers and shakers who are able to control money to the point of bringing an entire country to its knees, which I find not only immoral, but downright satanic, (the love of money is the root of all evil – ).  But the real battle is being waged at the spiritual level.

(Part 2 will be posted next week)


a sinner saved by the Grace of God

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