Ok, here we go again. Since the debut of this website, we have gone trough many changes, as the website has grown in size and in the number of languages we deal with. At this time, we cover the English, Italian, Spanish and German languages. As God leads, we would like to add other languages, but it is not an easy process. First of all, we must find dedicated people, who share our purpose, and also, I personally need to check the translations before posting, and while we could easily add French, I am not fluent in other languages. I take my work seriously, that is why, I check personally all translations before posting.

Moreover, I have to do the physical work of updating the website in its entirety, and time is always short. This is why, I must streamline a few things in the website, without sacrificing content. Basically, all new material will go through the Blog and YouTube. We will update and add to X-files and Hi-Tech, while all other pages will remain as they are. Pages like Orient Express and Brave New World will no longer be updated, but the news related to them will be posted on the Blog.

We intend to make the blog a weekly affair, instead of the present monthly casual edition, so that we will be regularly updated with all news happenings as they relate to the End Time prophecies.

The Blog, allows comments for each article posted, and this helps us instead of having to reply singly to emails.

We think that these changes are positive, and we ask for your prayers and patience as we move in this territory.

Finally, we are posting in each language Contact page a brief bio with photo of our collaborators. We want to share with our readers who we are, what we do and why we do it, hoping that this transparency may help in transmitting the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only hope for humanity.


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