Bread and Circuses – part 2

bread and circuses -

The question at hand here is: Is America an Empire?

Technically, the word empire means direct rule by a nation or person upon territories and people it has conquered, either by force or by stealth. But this description is too rigid and lacks modern dynamics, as we shall see futher ahead.

Some may find the equation United States of America (American Empire)=Ancient Rome (Roman Empire) to be a fabricated, misleading, false and or pure fantasy. But if we consider the facts carefully, we come to the conclusion that the equation fits like a glove. Please remember that this is only a small no-pretence article whose only purpose is to show parallel analogies and not to provide elaborate argumentation for them.

For those inquiring minds who want to know more, at the end of this article, there are links to more extended works. And if you need more, just google “american empire“. You’ll be surprised what you will find.

Rome is considered the greatest of the Empires of old. That can hardly be disputed. Empires such as the Egyptian, the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Greek, and others, cannot be compared to the greatness and uniqueness of what the Roman Empire achieved in its time and how it influenced the world during and even after its demise.

The U.S.A. is the greatest power on earth today.ONU, NATO, G4, G8, G20 etc. notwithstanding, it is Washington who still calls the shots. At least until very recently.

Rome as any other empire before and after it, became prominent on account of the strength and power of its armies. Roman generals were innovative, and their tactical sophistication is a matter of study to this day. Rome sent its armies to subdue territories and keep the peace, (Pax Romana)

The U.S.A. has gained its supremacy over the nations of the earth on account of its armies and armaments. First to deploy the atomic bomb, the USA has a fantastic arsenal of weapons which are the nightmare of any contending nation, and while today other nations have atomic armaments, none can compete with the U.S.A. which has its armed forces, its spies, its puppet officers in all the strategic points of the globe, maintaining the Pax Americana. At least until very recently.

Rome promoted commerce with its conquered enemies, and when money circulates, most people forget everything else, even that they are slaves. In ancient Rome one could found foods and manufactured goods from all over the territories it governed.

As some acute observer has duly noted, the U.S.A.‘s business is business. They have laid down the basis and model of contemporary global commerce. Walk into any supermarket and you will find food and drink items from every corner of the globe, fine clothes and shoes from Italy and France, cars from Japan and Korea, computers from Taiwan, and just about everything else from China.

Rome exported its culture, its laws, its entertainment. Rroman temples, amphitheaters, roads and other artifacts are still with us today, from Britain, to Africa, from the Middle East, to Western Europe.

The U.S.A. exports its culture via Hollywood to all the world. American movies, TV series, music, theatre and its stars, literature, and the art world, have (re)-educated most of the world in all kind of aberrant and rebellious behavior. America’s moral, ethical and intellectual fabric has been twisted beyond recognition, and amazingly, its witchcraft still enchants the rest of world. It seems that there is no bottom end to the lurid filth that the entertainment industry originates, produces and exports: this subtle social engineering -and make no mistake on what this is really about- has gradually made acceptable to society what once was unacceptable, has changed the moral standards to the point that there are no more moral standards. In the name of freedom of speech and of expression they ave lobotomized an entire nation and the world at large. Examples will be furnished on the third and final part of this article.

Rome imported the gods and religious practices of its vanquished nations and adapted them to suit its own purposes and exported them to the provinces.

The U.S.A., through its immigration, has imported all kinds of “religious” practices which have polluted its Christian foundation, so that today the country has become a cesspool of sacrilegious and demonic rites.

I could draw other parallels, but these will suffice for the purpose.

The Christian Church in America, and this is an indictment, has failed the country in many many ways. And therein lies the real tragedy. Instead of preaching the Word and behaving accordingly, the Church in America has scandalized the country with its unconsecrated leaders and pastors, and an unending stream of financial, sexual and doctrinal scandals.


Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire – (6 parts Youtube series)

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire – The Nation

THIRD AND FINAL PART – Coming up in a few days


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