The state of the heart

August 20, 2008

The state of the heart

The moral and spiritual decline of Western Civilization is nowhere more evident than in its arts and forms of entertainment. Strange Days indeed we are living. When one thinks that things can’t get any worse, immediately comes proof to the contrary. Perhaps, no photo better than the one here depicted shows the state of the heart of man circa the year 2000.

TopA child, in Africa, dying of hunger while being devoured by insects.
Bottom: Singer Daniel Küblböck, appearing in a German TV “reality show,” immersed in 30,000 cockroaches, for a shot to fame.

Sure, there are probably much worse things one could choose to show the callousness and the dramatic moral decay of our society, but when I saw this photo, for me it was seminal. In its simplicity it shouted at my soul: shame, shame, how low have we fallen!

There is nothing to comment or to add. Unless one is lobotomized, looking at those pics sends a fit to the brain and to the heart. The comical angle (if we dare call it so) in all this is that Mr. Küblböck ‘s show is of a type called “reality shows.” I find it very painful and hard to believe that our society can entertain such oddness with so much casual nonchalance. And it’s all done in the name of money and of course, the audience just loves these “reality shows,” and the weirder, the better. In the name of freedom, they are transforming people into depraved peepingtoms while making them slaves to it and wanting for more. Like a song of yesteryear proclaimed, “freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.” Sure, after loosing his concern for others, his self-respect, his power of reaction and protest, man-2000 is loosing his soul in a relentless descent into oblivion. Lobotomized indeed. And this serves very well the ruling elites for whom, a comatose sudditance is a welcome relief. I will follow shortly with more on this subject.


a sinner saved by the Grace of God

2 thoughts on “The state of the heart

  1. This particular article goes RIGHT up [or I should say DOWN] the alley of what my late pator [who’s gone on to be w/ the Lord back in 11/99 of cancer] said for years in his taped sermons, which I still listen to to this day regularly [after almost 8 years]. He had a prophetic ministry, like the one the Bible talks about, which is VERY rare in this day and time among the MULTITUDES of false prophets/prophetesses, who God NEVER called to proclaim His Word for NOTHING. The stuff he [my late pastor] taught was pretty much in line with the Scriptures, in addition to the fact that practically everything he prophesied has A) already come to pass and B) WILL sometime in the future.

    Anyway, he would always state that the world has gone INSANE [and is MORE than ripe ‘n ready for the judgements of God], and I couldn’t agree more. And anyone who can’t see it is just as CRAZY as the kooks that already exist in this world. All you have to do is watch television [NOT that I recommend it in the rather atrocious way of entertainment] for the next week, or perhaps the next few DAYS if you don’t take my word for it. You can also go out in public and observe how people act, behave, live, walk, talk, dress, allow to happen, entertain themselves, treat one another, etc. Many times in my OWN life I’ve encountered some rather nutty people that needed to be in a mental institution somewhere. Not only that, but I see many on television as well on a regular basis. They’re so CRAZY and WEIRD that I can’t seem to understand for the LIFE of me how they can get along in society, PERIOD.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus. That’s all I have to say, because things that happen in this world render me speechless. Payday SOMEday.

  2. I’m deeply moved by the comments and observation you have and the bravery that is needed in these lastdays. i don’t know how i got to this site but i know it was not by mistake. What you say is true and without any doubt! The one thing that will bring percecution even in the church of God is the streight testimony of which the not many of us will accept, but praise God that amids the maltitude that will perish in ignorance, there is a faithfull raminent that will proclaim such massages as you have done and i’m personnally taking your views too to spread it to them that suffer in ignorance. Least they perish and thier blood will be demanded apon us. Thanks brother man ”TELL IT LIKE IT IS”.

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