Global Warming

May 15 , 2007

global warming apocalypseGlobal Warming is the buzzword of the moment. Some people have become militant believers of this movement, others make plain fun of it while most people don’t know what to make of it and in truth, who can blame them, given the constant barrage of contradictory data and reports which the media have been spewing out in these last months.

I find it extremely amusing that there are scientists on both side of the fence: some affirming without the shadow of a doubt that we are into a man-made global warming era and scientists who seriously debunk the whole thing and since both camps display ample scientific or pseudo-scientific data in support of their positions, the humble man-on-the-street is left as usual dazed and confused. I have believed (till now) that science was based

on gathering accurate information about reality and to model this in a way which can be used to make reliable, concrete and quantitative predictions about future events and observations. In a more restricted sense, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method, as well as to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research.

Relativity and pluralism gone wild have created a society incapable of discerning even the simplest of facts. Everything and everyone is open to criticism and doubt and this creates a self-collapsing reality, without fundamentals. Now, the Word of God (and any self-respecting architect) warns us that if a house is not built upon a solid foundation, it will fall down, sooner than later.
Modern scientists, are very biased and very politicized, having as a result a very warped sense of reality seeing only what they want to see in the way that they want to see them. While it can be argued that the present situation is not entirely or directly attributable to them, whom can people they trust when one plus one makes three?
Well, enquiring minds who want to know should try to listen to God for a change. He never misses and He never contradicts Himself and that’s a miracle!

In truth, something is indeed happening, surely and not so slowly.

My God-given interest and love for the Word of (Bible) prophecy, has strongly shaped my vision of world events and happenings. While this does not happen to all Christians, I know many who do share this vision. I believe the Holy Spirit impresses upon us the urgency of the moment and spiritually completes, piece by piece, the grand prophetic mosaic of the Bible. It is difficult to explain to those who do not share the experience it but to those who do, no explanation is needed. So, for the benefit of those who do not have this vision, I have gathered some data to ponder upon. These news, if seen separately, might not mean much to an observer, but when collected and connected, do indeed shed a strange light upon our world, being the harbingers of the major upheavals described in the Word and referring to the End Times, in which we dwell:

The tiny Indian island of Ghoramara, in the delta where the River Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal, is a symbol of the crisis the world is facing as it struggles to feed a growing population.

It is a tiny place – just a few kilometers across – and it is getting tinier.

The island, part of a chain called the Sundarbans, was first settled by farmers in colonial times when the authorities decided to expand rice production to feed the multitudes in the city of Calcutta.

But when I visited Ghoramara there was powerful evidence that soil erosion caused in part by farming and the rising surrounding sea level caused by global warming were gradually making the island disappear.

Ajoy Kumar Patra, the headman on the island, stood on the shore looking across the broad choppy waters.

In the far distance a couple of kilometers away I could just make out another low-lying spit of land:

“This island and that piece of land over there used to be separated by just a narrow channel of water”, says Mr Patra. “All the land which is now underwater used to be rice paddies”.

BBC News – 28 March 2007,
by Mark Doyle

And the bees …

VISALIA, Calif., Feb. 23 — David Bradshaw has endured countless stings during his life as a beekeeper, but he got the shock of his career when he opened his boxes last month and found half of his 100 million bees missing.

In 24 states throughout the country, beekeepers have gone through similar shocks as their bees have been disappearing inexplicably at an alarming rate, threatening not only their livelihoods but also the production of numerous crops, including California almonds, one of the nation’s most profitable.

“I have never seen anything like it,” Mr. Bradshaw, 50, said from an almond orchard here beginning to bloom. “Box after box after box are just empty. There’s nobody home.

Published: February 27, 2007

and the Pole caps melting away …

GOING, GOING, GONE: April’s Arctic ice cap was smallest in recorded history.
Imagine three-fourths of the land mass of Alaska disappearing in a decade. That’s roughly the amount of sea ice that has vanished from the Arctic ice cap in recent years — and now it’s melting faster. So say two new reports from ice experts last week that climate-change scientists consider troubling, since sea ice keeps the Earth cool. An ice-free ocean warms it up.

One report noted there was less Arctic sea ice in April than had ever been recorded that month since satellite imagery of the northern ocean began in 1979. Another found that the melting of the Arctic ice cap is proceeding faster than anyone expected.

That second finding — announced jointly by scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the National Center for Atmospheric Research — concludes that all the summer Arctic sea ice should disappear “about 30 years” sooner than mainstream climate models earlier predicted.

Anchorage Daily News – May 7, 2007

I don’t know if these climate shifts are normal or not, and I don’t know whether it is man’s doing or what (sure thing we humans have messed up the earth quite a bit). But I KNOW for sure that we are not entering a glacial era, but rather a “hot” time period.

To be continued ….


a sinner saved by the Grace of God

3 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. the lord yeshua is judging. looks like the devil is grabbing his own flock as i see things come about. prayer is the saint’s money. less on the world and more focus on holy things and what is messiah yeshua is doing. matthew mark and luke the lord says to watch and that is a warning to the saints, but no one will listen. God bless you though the son of man yeshua.

  2. Well of coursef! I laugh each time “new” info is revealed regarding global warming. God has a plan, from eternity ago, for our world. The Bible teaches it, many of us believe the end of the age is here. Why are we surprised to know the earht itself is following the plan of its creator? The earth groans for the coming of the Lord. Well hello, this is one more visible sign that God time plan is working to His fulfillment. No human group can change or alter or “fix” this phenomenon, though they will try and make political platforms of it. They do not allow the concept of God and His plan. To them, there is no God.

    Wait, watch, and “Know that He is God”.

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